All levels of protection

Insight and Trend Micro deliver endpoint security that guards your entire organization from every type of threat.

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Scan your entire network and secure endpoints and applications from potential threats.

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Uncover suspicious communications that standard defenses can’t find.

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Analyze risk and respond in an instant with real-time signatures and security updates.

Meet OfficeScan with XGen.

Discover an active endpoint security solution that constantly learns, adapts and automatically shares threat intelligence. Beyond security, OfficeScan with XGen also uses endpoint resources more effectively — delivering unparalleled performance for CPU and network usage.

Find out how OfficeScan, part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites, gives you the tools you need to:

  • Fight malware, ransomware and variants.
  • Integrate with other security products.
  • Manage everything through a single console.
  • Centralize security and policy deployment.
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Evolutionary threat protection

Experience market-leading threat protection. XGen Endpoint Security uses high-fidelity machine learning to eliminate security gaps, optimize performance and streamline administrative tasks.

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Maximum protection, minimum impact

This is the endpoint security solution you’ve been waiting for. Discover how Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites offer an advanced, multilayered approach to stop emerging threats and reduce management overhead.

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Protection on the go

Your users need to work where and how they want, without endangering your network and corporate information. Trend Micro Endpoint Security, an XGen security solution, delivers multiple integrated layers of security that cover all of your endpoints.

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The leader in hybrid cloud security

Trend Micro Security delivers a blend of cross-generational threat defense techniques that have been optimized to protect physical, virtual and cloud workloads. Solutions from Trend Micro and Insight feature Trend Micro Deep Security — an industry leader in hybrid cloud security.

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Learn how you can protect every single endpoint on your network from the most advanced threats.

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