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Cisco® Smart Net Total Care provides a technical support system that manages your licensing contracts through one portal.

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Make smart decisions for your business.

With Cisco Smart Services, the digital journey is a clear, simple-to-navigate path. Use Smart Net Total Care to grow your network infrastructure by reducing downtime, gaining technical support and smart capabilities, and improving overall efficiency.

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Consolodate and manage.

Now you can experience a hassle-free, single-view portal of the smart licenses you own — and delegate access levels and efficiently manage your software assets. Having your customers control their licenses has never been easier.

With Smart Net Total Care, you can:

  • Increase productivity.
  • Enhance visibility.
  • Maximize software return on investment.
  • Reduce potential downtime.
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Why Insight & Cisco for licensing management?

Smart Net Total Care replaces traditional licensing methods with smart software licensing, allowing you to procure, deploy and manage licenses with the Insight Services Portal. Through this portal, you get one platform to manage all Cisco software assets, companywide.

Along with real-time comprehensive visibility and reporting, the smart software licensing options allow you to create virtual accounts to display departments and organize them based on association. Maximize your licensing by searching for unused licenses and deploy them with ease.

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Manage through one portal.

Explore the Insight Services Portal — your one resource for contract management of your Cisco Smart Net Total Care contracts. Through this on-demand demo, see how you can manage every aspect of your contracts and make the most of your Cisco Smart Net services on hardware and software.

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